Your Skincare Routine Should Be an Empowerment Powerhouse. Here's How & Why:

Your Skincare Routine Should Be an Empowerment Powerhouse. Here's How & Why:

Botanical Stars was born during the lowest time of my life. I had just been robbed at gunpoint 6 days after graduating from college, I became homeless after defending myself against an abusive family member, and I had intense post-grad depression and an identity crisis that left me feeling inadequate and unable to ever achieve "happiness" ever again.

However, I brought myself back to life by focusing on what I could control, and adding intention to each part of my life including my skincare routines. Here's how you can do the same thing every time you do your sacred skincare rituals in order to have a better outlook on what we can control, and what inner power lives within us.

"Intention" is about what you "intend" to do, accomplish, achieve, feel good about, and more. It's much more powerful than making a to-do list, dreaming things up, and wishing for more. Intention is what you will do no matter what.

Why should we power-up our skincare rituals?

Our skincare rituals are a sacred time in which we stare at ourselves and apply products to our skin with the idea that we will gain confidence and joy from the positive results that we're getting.

Yet for some reason, we aren't using this time of looking directly at ourselves to think about what we intend to accomplish, how we intend to live our lives, and more. Also, it is well known that habit stacking is a very effective method for adding new habits into our lives, so with this logic, Botanical Stars was built with practicality in mind, especially for those who believe that they don't have time or the know-all to create more magic.

This is your moment to have a conversation with yourself, and declare the ways in which you want your life, actions, and connections to pan out. This is your time to look straight at yourself, listen to what you intend to seek out, and feel out if it's really what you want to manifest in your life. This is a your sacred ritual to manifest abundance, tackle your insecurities and fears, and to ask for more.

How to get started:

Adding intention to your skincare routines depends on your style of creating magic in your life.

Some folks prefer to find or use their own affirmations to guide their daily intentional rituals. Maybe they throw out a "Money and Abundance flows effortlessly to me" when needed, or maybe they go on social media to find an affirmation that speaks to them.

Maybe they'll even use tarot cards to guide their focus so that they can set their sights on exactly what is divinely timed for maximum success with their intention. Then, they base their intention around that card draw and continue to create abundance in their day.

Meanwhile, other individuals love following correspondences to a T, meaning that their manifestation love-language is primarily based upon understanding the historical spiritual and metaphysical properties of herbs, oils, and other natural goods and using that information to guide their intentional rituals.

They take note of how ginger has protective abilities or how pomegranate can strengthen creativity. These ingredients fuel the intention of what they desire and they find abundance and success through that.

The most important thing is to figure out what makes your heart sing, as this will make it easier to stay consistent with your new habit of adding intention to your skincare routine.

It's time to make magic

Once you've figured out which method works best for you (or maybe you'll try out all of them!), it's time to add intention to your rituals.

If you follow correspondences, then you can spend time researching your skincare products to understand what ingredients are in them. Then, you can craft your intentions based on that. If you love plain affirmations, then go ahead and pick out or create your favorite affirmations and have it ready when it's time to apply your products.

If you're using Botanical Stars products, then you can always refer to the affirmation stated on the packaging (which is a channeled message for each series of products) in order to have a manifestation that both applies to the correspondences of the ingredients and also to the intention that product is meant to have as is.

For instance, our Universe series—containing plumping Hyaluronic Acid and luxurious Prickly Pear Seed Oil—has the intention of "The Universe has my back" which is metaphysically based off of our ingredients of protective chamomile and the heightening power of licorice and also based off of how we want users of the product to feel.

Regardless, all methods work the same in the end. Apply your products gently, and look at yourself as you visualize what you are manifesting. State your affirmation, and claim out loud (or in your head!) what you intend to do to get closer and closer to that manifestation. Say your phrase(s) as many times as you need to in order to believe and truly visualize it, and then go on with your day without fixating on the outcome of what you desire.

Continuing this habit each day can really help to minimize self-limiting beliefs and also help to increase the magic that you create with each and every day. The best part? Especially when using Botanical Stars products with this ritual, you get the added benefit of seeing positive changes with your skin as you add this positive ritual into your life.

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