It's Time to Earn While You Shop

It's Time to Earn While You Shop

Notice anything... different? Well, if you've looked around a fair bit, then you've probably noticed that there's a lot of new features around the store. However for now, we'll just be focusing on our new Rewards tab which keeps you earning points for your purchases!

See that little gift package in the bottom right corner? That right there is your ticket to big savings, limited time offers, and even birthday presents (yes! birthday presents! we can't wait to say "happy birthday" to you!).

There are several ways to earn points beyond making purchases, and most all of them are free! 🤗

Ways to Earn

  • Earning Star Points is easy as pie! There are several ways you can earn points right now actually! After making your account on the website (which will automatically give you 20 points on us!), go into the rewards interface in the bottom right corner, and be sure to follow and like the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages! Doing all 4 of these items alone will earn you 110 Star Points total, which already gives you more than a third of the points required to redeem your first $5 off coupon.
  • Choosing to celebrate your birthday with us gives you a solid 100 points! Yes, a whole 1-0-0 points! Depending on where you're at in your points earning spree, this could place you exactly where you want to be to earn your first, or maybe even your second reward! The best part? This refreshes each and every year, meaning that you can celebrate with us and claim your birthday points each time!
  • But of course, purchasing earns you consistent points! For every dollar you spend, you get 3 Star Points. Just make sure that you're logged into your account when you're making your purchase so that all of your points get saved!

Ways to Redeem

But now you want to know about your well-earned rewards right? Don't worry, we got you. Here's how you can turn your Star Points into discounts:

300 Star Points $5 OFF
700 Star Points $15 OFF
900 Star Points $25 OFF
1800 Star Points $50 OFF

However, if you're looking for immediate discounts, we've got you on that too 😉

With our new rewards program, you can give a gift of $10 off to your friend for their first purchase on the website, which will then earn you a $10 discount of your own! Then, if you make sure to make your purchase on your site account, you'll receive additional Star Points for your purchase! Gifting has never felt so good 😍

We hope you have fun gifting, earning, and redeeming your points in the Constellation! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us any time.

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