Becoming Botanical Stars

Botanical stars was born during the lowest point of my life. I had just graduated college, the abuse from my abusive family members was growing exponentially, as it was born from narcicissm, and only 6 days after I graduated I got robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight. When my family arrived at the crime scene, a member was particularly abusive despite the intense trauma that I had just experienced, I finally defended myself after 21 years of being an ashtray to them, and once further conflict ensued it occurred to me that I could never turn back.

So what did I do? I ran away from my childhood "home" and became homeless, suffered from an intense identity crisis and post-grad depression, and struggling to find something, anything in my life that I could control and find joy and worth in. And for some reason, my mind jumped to focus more on my skincare and beauty rituals. It brought me joy to use simple oil mixtures that I had created in college to help get rid of my cystic acne, because I had worked so hard in college to find solutions for the decade-long war I had with cystic acne and extremely oily skin. It felt good to use products that simply worked for me, without any question or doubt. It became my ritual to look at myself in the mirror belonging to whichever place I was at that week, and feed myself affirmations as I was applying products to my skin.

And then, magic started to happen. They say hard times don't last forever, and I'd say that's true. Life was still difficult, but slowly things rounded themselves out. As I felt called to just do the damn thing and finally turn Botanical Stars into an official brand, nuggets of luck would start revealing themselves to me. Opportunities would jump at me from the shadows. Suddenly, I'm at this vending event, that vending event, meeting incredible people just like me. Life would be moving so fast that I'd have to make my affirmation a slow, uneventful day so that was I could get a break from joy (I know, it's crazy). Then, after the timeout suddenly I'm getting orders to be featured in this shop, or that shop. All of this occurring before my first year of business officially hit.

It's insane, the types of magic you can make just by turning one daily exercise into a manifestation powerhouse. It blew me away too, which is why I knew I had to turn my life experiences, my deep inner cravings for positivity, and my love for practical, sensible products into something fun, digestible, and perfect for anyone. The goal is to provide products that allow lovely stars to easily insert magic, affirmations, and healing into a ritual that already exists, rather than to add yet another thing onto their plate. And of course, for those not here for magical empowerment, the goal is to have products that work effectively and allow for dewy, clear, nourished, and happy skin.

Needless to say, I think we make good on both of those promises.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting the shop! It means a lot to me,


Founder, Botanical Stars