About Botanical Stars

A look into the brand & the mind behind it

Made for you, always 💚

I wanted to tap into creating products that help with a broad range of skin concerns without notions like "perfect skin", and instead just formulated products that get the job done.

A lot of my inspiration comes from a deep desire to create positivity through the language of the stars, myths, and legends, and I love tying all of my inspirations and curiosities into products that work effectively and allow for dewy, clear, nourished, and happy skin.

Botanical Stars is for you and your skin.

Everything about this brand truly comes from a place of love and enjoyment, and I hope that you are able to find what you're searching for here.

Cruelty-Free, Sustainably Made, Female & Black Owned, Limited Batch, Clean Beauty

First Product 🐣

During college, I formulated the Persephone Elixir to deal with my cystic acne and oily skin. At this time, there was a huge DIY skincare craze happening on the internet, so I rode that wave and made products that finally healed & soothed my skin.

Persephone Elixir
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Favorite Product 💚

I honestly have to pick two! The Radiance Body Butter and the Glow Body Oil are both my absolute favorites! I have the oiliest face, but funnily enough, the driest body. My body craves ultra-hydrating products and when I pair these two together, my skin just sings in joy!

Radiance & Glow

Botanical stars was born during the lowest point of my life. I ran away from my toxic childhood home, was robbed at gunpoint, and was beyond broke as hell. All within the 6 days that followed my college graduation.

After experiencing homelessness, an intense identity crisis, post-grad depression, and struggling to find something, anything in my life that I could control and find joy in, my mind clung to skincare and beauty rituals. It brought me joy to use my simple, DIY oil mixtures that I had created in college to help get rid of my cystic acne, because I had worked so hard in college to find solutions for the decade-long war I had with cystic acne and extremely oily skin.

It felt good to use products that simply worked for me, without any question or doubt while feeding myself affirmations.

When I felt called to just do the damn thing and turn Botanical Stars into an official brand, magic began to happen. Nuggets of luck would start revealing themselves to me, along with individuals who showered me with so much love and joy, and that honestly kept me going.

It's insane, the types of magic you can make just by turning one daily exercise into a manifestation powerhouse. It blew me away too, which is why I knew I had to turn my life experiences, my deep inner cravings for positivity, and my love for practical, sensible products into something fun, digestible, and perfect for anyone.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting the shop! It means a lot to me,


Founder, Botanical Stars