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Our Skin Constellation Quiz is a simple 3 minute (or shorter!) quiz that teaches you about your unique and divine skin, its needs for optimal nourishment, and extra goodies you could use depending on your desired skin results. It's free, fun, and has a gift at the end just for you 🥳.

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Clean, Cruelty-free, Black-Owned Beauty

Made cleanly and simply without fillers & with human testers only! We believe in making incredible products that don't involve animals.

Keeping empowerment & joy in mind

It's about nourishment, not perfection. We try to illustrate what our products can do for you without a "perfect skin" narrative to keep you focused on what matters most.

Making inclusive products for everyone

Whether you're here for the magic or the skincare, we want to formulate a product that works for everyone no matter how you show up in the world.

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Enjoy cleanly formulated products made with sensitive skin, nourishment, healing, and affordability in mind
Meet Heather M's Skin

Irritation, redness, acne, flakiness, and more. Does this sound like your skin? Read up on our case study where we take Heather M's skin from irritated and bumpy to smooth and calm overnight!

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