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If your skincare is only taking care of your skin, then you're missing out

There's so much magic, clarity, and comfort that you could be bringing into your life during the time you spend staring in the mirror, applying products to your skin. That's why we're changing the game with clean and simple formulations while keeping celestial correspondences in mind for you, your skin, and your spirit.

Black Woman Owned — Clean-beauty — Skin Spells — Research-Backed Ingredients —

straight out the cosmos
grounded in the earth

The Value of Botanical Stars

Clean, Cruelty-free, Black-Owned Brand

Made cleanly and simply without fillers & with human testers only! We believe in making incredible products that don't involve animals.

Keeps empowerment & joy in mind

It's about nourishment, not perfection. We try to illustrate what our products can do for you without a "perfect skin" narrative to keep you focused on what matters most.

Made for everyone & all skin types

Whether you're here for the magic or the skincare, we want to formulate a product that works for everyone no matter how you show up in the world.

Your Magical Rituals Start Here

Enjoy cleanly formulated products made with sensitive skin, nourishment, healing, and affordability in mind
Meet Heather M's Skin

Irritation, redness, acne, flakiness, and more. Does this sound like your skin? Read up on our case study where we take Heather M's skin from irritated and bumpy to smooth and calm overnight!

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