Your Spells & Manifestations Could Be Stronger, Power Them Up With These Tips

Your Spells & Manifestations Could Be Stronger, Power Them Up With These Tips

If your manifestations feel like they aren't coming to life no matter how much you feel like you've been willing them to come true, then these tips are for you. A lot of manifestation and spell-casting is about setting intention and letting it go/leaving it to the Divine, but what you do afterwards will truly be the make-or-break between you and your desires. Make sure you're staying in the clear with these tips:

1. Watch what you're saying to/about yourself

With a culture riddled with self-deprecation, it can be a bit too easy to talk down about or even to yourself. It can range from things like insulting yourself because of small mistakes or even constantly doubting your own strength, talents, and abilities out of harsh imposter syndrome. Whatever it may be, these are things that slow down and can even halt your manifestations.

What to do instead:

Pump yourself up with positive self-love and kindness. It works even better if you can make these compliments to yourself geared towards what you are particularly manifesting at the time.

2. Stop focusing on what you don't want

This is a manifestation trap that so many people fall into, and it always bites every spell and manifestation in the ass. With both spell-casting and manifesting, it's important to set the intention on what you want and truly desire, however, it can be way too easy to focus, lament, and waste energy on what you desperately don't want entering into your life. Putting all of this energy into what you don't want is only going to signal to the Universe that that's what you want in life, and you'll end up seeing more and more of it as time goes on.

What to do instead:

Don't make your manifestations and spells about avoidance. It shouldn't be about avoiding a late fee, avoiding toxic relationships, or even avoiding being fired. Instead, focus your energy on bring in the incredible energy that you crave. Ask for more financial stability, ask for relationships filled to the brim with love and kindness, ask for a stable job where you are seen as dependable and necessary for your team to operate smoothly.

3. "Like" attracts "Like"

The oh-so-magical nature of spells can make it seem like spell-casting and manifestation is as easy as set-it-and-forget-it, but that is not the case. If you're asking the Universe to bring you long lasting friendships, unimaginable riches, or even a booming business, and you haven't taken the steps to even get it without the intention setting, then your manifestation simply can't work because the medium for the manifestation to exist doesn't even exist yet.

You can't plant a seed without soil.

What to do instead:

Create a rich soil for your manifestations and spells to bloom within. If you want a booming business and you haven't even started your business, then you've got to start that business! If you want long lasting friendships and you're cooped in the house all day or spending time alone all of the time, then get out there and enjoy the energy of others. It's not about hunting for what you want or being desperate for it, it's about providing the medium for your manifestations to thrive in the first place.

4. Do a social media/entertainment audit

What type of media do you find yourself frequently consuming? Are your eyes glued to the news? Is your feed filled with people who make you feel small and uninspired? Do you read a lot of depressing books? All of these, and more, can make your vibration lower to the point where your manifestations and spells can't come to life. This is super detrimental to manifestations and spells, because now that we live in such a fast-paced, information laden world, it can be easy to be swept away by every little ding and beep we hear on our phones.

What to do instead:

Take back control of your media consumption, and make sure that it is truly high vibe. This doesn't mean that you can never watch the news ever again, but it can be the difference between watching the news once a week, maybe even once a month (especially now with how slow life is moving with COVID going on). This can also mean reforming your social media. You don't have to quit social media! However, it would certainly benefit your manifestations if you regulated who you were following and making sure that there are only individuals on your feed that keep you feeling empowered.

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