Using Oils to Heal Your Skin

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Our skin goes through a lot on a daily basis.

We might exercise, we might go out into the sun without sunscreen, we might live in heavily polluted areas, and we might even sleep without properly fortifying our skin.

Even with basic cleansing and hydrating, our skin may not be able to keep up with the day-to-day wear-and-tear, and it might just need some extra TLC. There are things that we can do to help our skin, even without the usage of chemical exfolitators or expensive products.

Targeting the Issue

By understanding what your skin is going through, you will be able to find an oil, or an oil blend, that best suits your needs. In addition to understanding what your skin needs, you also must understand your skin type. Oils like Coconut oil are great for intensely dry skin, however, it has a comedogenic rating of 4, meaning that it is an oil that has a higher likelihood of clogging the skin. If you have dry, acne-prone skin, then maybe it would be better to resort to an oil such as Hazelnut oil, as it is highly nourishing and great for drier skin types with a comedogenic rating of 1.

Knowing both your needs and your skin type can help you to avoid the possibility of further break outs, irritations, or symptoms that your skin goes through, so that you can have, happier, healthier skin.

The Perfect Oils for You

With so many oils and butters that exist, it can take a lot of research and trial and error to figure out which oils are the best for healing your skin. However, it is possible, and below we have listed a couple of oils that might be perfect for your skin type and skin issue and how we would apply them here at Botanical Stars. For even more information, check out our Ingredients Directory, or click the oils to find out more.

By adding oils to your routine that can assist you with your needs, you can accelerate the skin's healing process, and allow for healthier skin at a more rapid pace. This way, as we continue to go through our day-to-day routines, our skin can be more fortified against external forces--such as UV rays or pollution.

an infographic containing information on how to use oils for healing the skin

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