Your Weekly Self-Care & Nourishment Tarotscope [December 16, 2019]

Your Weekly Self-Care & Nourishment Tarotscope [December 16, 2019]

For this week, we'll be allowing Light Grey Art Lab's Cosmos: Tarot & Oracle Deck to guide us and our self-care needs. The elemental reading will be based on the oracle deck, while the overall reading is based on the tarot deck. You can use the card in your Rising Sign, Sun sign, or both to facilitate self care, nourishment, and introspective guidance that will carry you into this week.

After having an incredible full moon in Gemini, it may feel like our slates are completely cleansed, but even so, we still have a lot to work on to keep ourselves happy, healthy, and in-check so that we can continue to prosper going forward.

a picture of the leo the emperor card from the light grey art lab tarot and oracle deckAs for our collective energy for where we can all do better this week, we have The Emperor in the reversed position, which is represented as a firey Leo babe in their tarot deck. This card in this position is about feeling like you are lacking the proper outlet for self-expression.

The energy is stagnant, unlike the usual soaking-up-of-attention that this Leo-Emperor is used to feeling. This can be a time and great opportunity to allow yourself to be the person who creates events, gatherings, and collectives of like-minded individuals. Because as it seems to be, it appears that we won't be able to get our doses of social interaction, progress, or entertainment without challenging ourselves to create opportunities, rather than waiting for them to land in our laps.

Earth Signs (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn)a picture of the saturn card from the light grey art lab tarot and oracle deck

Earth signs take extra care to be gentle and loving to yourself! Along with the Leo card, Saturn also shows its face. This means that it is imperative to understand that this lack of outlet that you may feel that you are having is based a lot around growth, transition, and responsibility. Ease yourself into the process of finding a new place to socially call your own home, allow the adjustment to happen in due time, and simply be nice to yourself.

a picture of the satellite card from the light grey art lab tarot and oracle deckAir Signs (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra)

Air signs can also benefit from being extra gentle with themselves, but also don't hesitate to find support in this need for self-expression! The Satellite card along with Leo highlights that in these spaces where you may no longer be finding a means of self-expression, there is someone—or people—there who can possibly support you with open arms. Take pressure off of the concept of needing a large crowd to provide you with social interaction, and shift the focus to individuals who give you the space that you need to be yourself.

Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)a picture of the jupiter card from the light grey art lab tarot and oracle deck

Jupiter, through the lens of Leo, is urging all water signs to expand their connections. It may be that you have outgrown the current spaces that fulfill you, or maybe even that a new energy has washed into these spaces and changed it so much that it no longer clicks with you. Whatever it may be, utilizing skills of charisma, conversation, and networking may be the key to feeling that same fulfillment of energy that was once felt in the past.

a picture of the earth card from the light grey art lab tarot and oracle deckFire Signs (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo)

The Earth card through the lens of Leo brings depth and introspection. Fire signs this week can benefit from taking a closer look at their home, hearth, and the places that they consider their "home turfs". Are you feeling energetically satiated in these places? Are you feeling like this space is still protecting your means of self-expression? Put a magnifying glass on these parts of your life and see how you can alter these spaces—or manifest new ones—so that way you can feel emotionally fulfilled.

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