Why You Should be Manifesting With Music (January Edition)

Why You Should be Manifesting With Music (January Edition)

If your manifestations haven't been coming true, or have been falling short of what you know is in your energetically best interests, then you may need to sharpen your manifestation skills and introduce new strategies to manifest your desires.

Why Haven't My Manifestations Come True Yet?

Although there are many reasons that your manifestations may not be actualizing themselves—not being specific enough, not letting go, self-sabotaging yourself out of the path that would give you your desires—the most common one involves your mindset. It's easy to say I want this and I want that, but to mentally put yourself in a space where you believe that you will attain what you desire, that changes the manifestation game entirely.

Some of the mental beliefs that are needed to attain a manifestation are beliefs of worthiness, being able to see yourself visually as a person who has what you want, and believing that what you want will come easily and effortlessly to you. Without having these mental boxes checked off, it can cause things like self-sabotage, for instance, because without that belief that we deserve to earn what we want, we will consistently put ourselves in the path of not having what we want.

Of course, having a complete mindset shift isn't an overnight thing, however, it is possible to make the process easier and more able to be integrated into your day-to-day life, rather than struggling to make a journaling or meditation habit that could hinder your manifestation success if you feel guilty or unfulfilled by those processes.

Using Music as a Transformative, Manifestation Medium

Manifestation using music is incredibly easy, and I'm honestly shocked that it hasn't been talked about more on the internet considering how integral music is to all of our lives.

Music has the ability to shift the vibes in a room, it can bring people together through similar interests, or it can help people when during painful or incredible moments in life.

For these reasons and more, music is the incredible medium to at least assist with the mindset shifts that need to occur to have a successful manifestation practice. Plus, depending on how you use your music manifestation sessions and what your goals are, it can even ground and balance you for a more productive day.

An Example Mixtape Manifestation for January

Each month for this year at Botanical Stars, we want to explore the energies that can be molded and transformed with music, and in this blog post we have supplied a perfect mixtape to fill your January with all kinds of rich-bitch, powerful, and money-achieving vibes. This way, you can enter 2020 feeling as though money flows easily to you, and that you are worthy of financial gain and wealth.

Above is the January playlist, which features 12 songs, all featuring themes surrounding money, power, and wealth, or general vibes surrounding high class living and elegance.

Using the Playlist to Achieve Your Greatest Rich-Bitch Self

There are several ways you can go about this, and you can customize your routine to match how much time you have and how much you enjoy the songs to begin with. Because at the end of the day, if you don't enjoy listening to the music, then you won't get the results that you want to achieve.

January's playlist is curated with both smooth R&B and Blues vibes, but also harder Rap vibes. With both working in tandem, you can really cement the money-achieving mindset, but may also not be everyone's cup of tea.

So, here are some suggestions to getting the most out of the playlist:

  • Listen to the playlist fully
    Listening to the mixtape from front to back while visualizing yourself achieving your manifestations of wealth and fortune can make for a great visualization exercise, so that you can see yourself in these positions. In addition, this mixtape was curated with softer vibes at the beginning and end of the mixtape, with harder rap vibes in the middle. You can use this pacing as an aid in your visualization process; find a story within the assortment of songs, and use that to play out the story of how you plan, achieve, and then relish within the wealth that you have manifested.
  • Listen to certain songs when needed or as you enjoy them
    Utilizing the exact same principle of visualization spoken about in the prior example, it can also be helpful to just listen to a couple of songs that you enjoy the most or that help you visualize the easiest, rather than listening to the entire playlist. Sometimes I, myself, just listen to Paid in Cash, a couple of times a day, simply because I love that song so much. In addition, I only listen to that song when I feel like listening to it. But somehow, every time I listen to that singular song when it feels energetically perfect, I end up with some kind of miracle that leads me closer to my manifestations.
  • Going a traditional approach by adding meditation in the mix
    If you are a person who already has a meditation habit, then listening to either the entire playlist or a couple of songs at a time while meditating, could certainly offer a great shift that can enhance your manifestation practice. You can choose to listen to the music while visualizing and meditating, or you can meditate and allow the music to take on its own course as you meditate. Either method can help you achieve a shift in beliefs as you practice believing these beliefs.
  • Doing a strenuous or monotonous activity with the music
    If you work out, wash dishes, clean, or more, then you can use the music to provide an even more mentally productive way to spend your time. You can use the music to fuel these strenuous or monotonous activities, or you can even use them as other moments to visualize the reality that you want to have.

Hopefully this January mixtape manifestation post helps you to manifest your rich-bitch desires and more. Comment down below what energies you would like to be honed in on in future months, and subscribe to the newsletter for more manifestation, modern witchcraft, and natural skin care and wellness blog posts.

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