These 6 Pink Altars are Perfectly Feminine and Powerful

These 6 Pink Altars are Perfectly Feminine and Powerful

If you love the color pink, and you need witch altar inspiration, then this list is sure to fire you up with ideas.

1. These pink roses paired with the gold accents creates the perfect elegant energy.
a witch altar with pink roses and a gold pentacle and clear quartz

Photo: rosewatershop/Instagram

2. A fuzzy pink chair counts as an altar too.
a witch altar with a fuzzy pink chair and candles

Photo: wiccarium/Instagram

3. This portable pink altar can allow you to practice your witchcraft and energy-work on the go!picture of a portable pink witch's altar

Photo: Houzwee

4. This Aphrodite shrine is gorgeous, and inspiring.

a picture of an aphrodite altar

Photo: elmfolk/Instagram

5. This altar shows that even the color pink can be used for altars relating to the sea.

a pink altar that's sea themed

Photo: floralwaterwitch/Tumblr

6. This pink hued altar also has a delicate sea theme with the addition of gorgeous plants.a picture of a pink toned witch altar

Photo: bubbleandbrewmagic/Wordpress


    • Jacquie

      I also have an alter to go! i use a caboodle which is those totes we used in the 90s to carry our makeup. I also found a mini caboodle that i use to carry all my 420 stuff 💜

    • Skye

      Love the 2nd and 3rd pictures. Would love to do a combination of both.

    • Leanne Robertson

      I wish I could send a picture of mine.

    • TexAnna little

      Very nice

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