How to Manifest Money, Protect, Banish, & More with Sea Kelp

How to Manifest Money, Protect, Banish, & More with Sea Kelp

Today, I'd love to tell you about how you can use the ingredient sea kelp in your self-care magic, manifestation practices, and any other magical practice or general energy work.

Sea Kelp has the Moon as its alchemical planet, a focus in the element of water, and has a feminine energy. Historically, seaweed has been considered a carrier of good luck and abundance. It can be used in pouches, tea, or even kitchen concoctions to enhance money spells, summon sea dieties such as Poseidon, increase psychic abilities, drive away evil spirits, and protect against fire and harm.

a gorgeous picture of sea kelp lining the ocean and a river

Due to the boundless ways that kelp can be utilized in magical and manifestation practices, here's an example that I came up with for anyone who practices self-care magic or for those who would like to get started with it and try it out. 

I believe that building your own spell (or the affirmation/verbal portion at the very least) is very important, so below I have included some ways to begin working with kelp magically, but highly encourage you to fill out the sheet to truly make the spell your own. Since customization is very important in making sure that your intentions are realized, feel free to change around words, edit spells, and overall do what you need to do to make these spells accessible, potent, and magical for you.

Start With Your Desired Effect

In this case, picking something surrounding themes of protection, banishment, and money manifestation is a safe place to start when working with kelp. However, when it comes to manifestation and magic, it is important to be specific with your intention. Here are some examples of what an example statement of desire could come out to being:

  • I will protect my home from intruders as I go on vacation.
  • Customers will flock to my business and happily purchase my products.
  • I repel bad luck from my fate.
  • The essence of water will protect my emotions.

Figure Out Which Tools You Will Use

This doesn't have to be dramatic or expensive, but it's definitely an important step in the spell-making and manifestation process. You can use something as simple as a journal to write out your intention as you visualize your successes, or something as complex as a crystal grid. This part should speak to your strengths and your habits.

As a self-care witch, I allow my skin care routine to be a part of my spell-casting tools for success. After I cleanse my skin, I utilize skin care products with ingredients that I am conscious of, and as I apply the products to my skin, I say my spells and intentions. In this way, I can maintain a spell recharging habit, and simply a more positive outlook on the goals that I am trying to achieve.

Create Your Verbal Intention and Action

With this step, it is important to keep things simple, so that you can remember what you want to say and how you want to say it. Personally, I prefer to repeat the same phrases over-and-over until I can properly visualize it in my mind, however, some would rather create or read off lengthier spells one time and then go about their day. Here are some simple example phrases that can be used for bringing about magical changes with kelp:

  • With this kelp, I shall bring forth protection, money magic, and comforting emotional energy in my day.
  • Kelp energy surrounds my space today, as I spritz this magical kelp spray, so that I may wash my worries away.

Don't forget your action! It's the most important part to tie everything together. As you commit to your action—whether that means you are using kitchen magic to create a healthy kelp ramen, or scattering tiny pieces of kelp in a certain area for protection—say your refined verbal spell, and be sure to visualize the watery effects of kelp washing over you, your space, and your energy.

With all of these tips, you can fill out these planners so that way you can have a full plan for your next kelp-based ritual! I have also filled one out to give you inspiration and to get you started!

spell planner guide for manifesting and spell casting with sea kelp or bladderwackfilled out spell planner guide for manifesting and spell casting with sea kelp or bladderwack

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