Ultra Hydrating Kit for Dry Skin
Ultra Hydrating Kit for Dry Skin

Ultra Hydrating Kit for Dry Skin

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Hydrate even the driest of skin with this Maximum Hydration Kit! This Poseidon Kit (featuring our Fermented Sea Kelp Ultra Hydrating Jelly and Hydrating Elixir) duo is fortified with bioavailable fermented sea kelp, cucumber, avocado, and aloe vera to give your skin the deep hydration it deserves without any greasiness, flakiness, or tightness of the skin.

This kit is a must-have:

  • For skin that feels tight, dry, and flaky frequently
  • For skin that needs deep and intensive hydration without the greasiness
  • For skin that needs in-the-moment moisture, along with long-term moisture
  • For skin that is sensitive and needs loving, intentional, caring ingredients that won't result in irritations
  • For skin that lives in dry climates and high altitudes, places where dry skin is most likely to be difficult to properly moisturize

    Perfect for both 🌞 & 🌙 Routines

    1. Cleanse face with your cleanser of choice.
    2. On damp skin, apply 2-5 drops of serum onto skin with clean, dry hands.
    3. Allow serum to sink into skin completely.
    4. Apply a pea-sized amount of moisturizer onto skin and neck area. Assess moisture and if you find that you need more moisture, apply more moisturizer. However, a pea-sized amount is probably all you will need due to how rich and moisturizing the products are.
    5. Finish off your AM routine with sunscreen.