Combination Skin Miracle Kit for Very Oily/Slightly Dry Skin
Combination Skin Miracle Kit for Very Oily/Slightly Dry Skin

Combination Skin Miracle Kit for Very Oily/Slightly Dry Skin

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Combination skin can be tricky to properly hydrate, luckily we've got you covered with our Combination Skin Miracle Kit (containing our Poseidon Fermented Sea Kelp Hydrating Elixir and our Persephone Cannabis Sativa Balancing Hydrating Jelly) that's formulated for those with combo-skin that skews mainly towards having incredibly oily skin with only a few slightly dry patches. The combination of our lightweight Poseidon Serum, made with avocado oil, cucumber, and aloe vera, along with our Persephone Moisturizer which is perfect for oily and acne prone skin, made with hazelnut oil, pomegranate oil, and hemp seed oil, can help you to properly balance and manage your combination skin woes.

This kit is a must-have:

  • For skin that needs both hydrating and toning ingredients for proper skin balance
  • For skin that needs lightweight but intense moisturization
  • For skin that is not prone to clogging (if you are prone to clogging, then use this kit instead)
  • For skin that is sensitive and needs loving, intentional, caring ingredients that won't result in irritations

    Perfect for both 🌞 & 🌙 Routines

    1. Cleanse face with your cleanser of choice.
    2. On damp skin, apply 2-5 drops of serum onto skin with clean, dry hands.
    3. Allow serum to sink into skin completely.
    4. Apply a pea-sized amount of moisturizer onto skin and neck area. Assess moisture and if you find that you need more moisture, apply more moisturizer. However, a pea-sized amount is probably all you will need due to how rich and moisturizing the products are.
    5. Finish off your AM routine with sunscreen.

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